New Member Orientation

  • Have fun
  • Keep moving / trade spots to mix it up (snack bar and selling floor games)
  • Become comfortable with the call back
  • Rely on the players (as well as co-chairs and other parents, if you have questions)
  • Don’t worry about the grumps… (some players like to mess with the rookies)
  • Consider calling / cashiering
  • T-Shirt / Apron.

    Selling “floor games”
  • This is where we make our big money for the program! Most volunteers do this for most of the evening… You will put lots of miles on, bring your walking shoes, each floor game card sells for $1, some buy 20 at a time! Please keep quiet if you redeem any $250 instant winners, so others aren’t discouraged to continue to purchase.

    Running the Snack Bar / Extra Games table
  • This is a more stationary job.  Sometimes good to rotate with the more active floor game job.

    Doing the “call back”
    This is what keeps the game moving efficiently!
    • When a player yells “BINGO” — you get to them ASAP, give them a little winners flag (so you don’t forget who to give the $$$ to after the bingo is verified)… 
    • Go to another table and another player to verify the numbers
    • Get the callers attention, and call back the winning numbers marked to the bingo caller
    • When it is verified it’s a winner – go to the cashier to get the winning $$$… 
    • Return to the player, count the money, pick up the flag…
    • Stand by for your next winner! 
    • Some winning purses are significant $500, $350, and every night we have a $1,000 winner!

      Breaking down the Snack Bar – As we wind down the evening after intermission – team effort
    • Be sure to clean hot dog machine well with hot water and scrubber.  Remember the drip tray at the bottom of the rollers.
    • Wipe off sides of beverages for storing
    • Drain coolers, wipe inside, and keep lids open to allow for drying

      Clean up / close down – a group effort gets us out of there!
    • Wipe down tables
    • Empty garbage, dumpster through kitchen in rear
    • Sweep floor, especially food items and food wrappers
    • Put away all items into closet
    • Give dirty towels to CoChair for laundering
    • Everyone leaves at the same time for safety