UPDATE: Due to the covid pandemic, our Bingo program was suspended in 2020. We hope to have it up-and-running again for 2022-23. We’ll publish updates as soon as we get them!

Saturday Night Bingo!

Bingo Benefits the Music Departments of Petaluma and Casa Grande High Schools.
All proceeds support Petaluma and Casa Grande High School music programs. Bingo is our largest fundraiser and it makes over $70,000 annually, which is divided evenly between the two schools. We request every family in the Music Program to support Bingo by working on a team. If you would like more information or would like to sign-up for a bingo shift please contact

Students: Students arrive at 4:00 pm for Bingo Set Up. Students are required to help with Bingo Set Up. Students sign up for a minimum of one Bingo Set Up during the school year. They are directed to set up tables and chairs. Students also put “bundles” of flash games together that are sold with the Bingo Buy In. Students are generally finished with their activities at 5:00 pm.

Parent Volunteers arrive at 5:00 pm

Doors Open at 5:30 pm -Early Bird Games at 6:15 pm

Casa Grande High School, Multi-Purpose Room
333 Casa Grande Road

All you can play for $25.00
Nightly Payouts Over $5700
Raffle Drawing Nightly

Bingo Job Descriptions

Team Member

Each team needs 8-10 members with a calendar commitment of 6 nights for the year. A team must provide a minimum of 5 workers each work night. The primary task is to sell the extra games. Extra games are also called “flash.” They are sold at the back table. Parent volunteers sell flash by walking around the room calling out the name of the game they are selling. Tickets are generally $1 each. WE MAKE MONEY AT BINGO BY SELLING FLASH. THIS IS THE SINGLE-MOST IMPORTANT PART OF WORKING BINGO.

We also run a snack bar and sell the flash at the back table. Parent volunteers help co-chairs with Buy-in at the beginning of the evening and verifying bingo wins throughout the night.

Tasks vary based on experience including calling bingo, cashier, selling games, and running the snack bar. Each Saturday night is about a 5-hour shift, from 5pm to approximately 10pm. At the end of the evening, we are responsible for wiping down the tables, emptying the trash, and putting everything away.


Each school is responsible to provide managers for ½ of the gaming nights. Co-chair teams of 2 work about one Saturday per month and run the evening’s activities. Duties include arriving at 3:30 pm to direct the students setting up the room for the evening, assigning Parent Volunteers their tasks, deciding what floor games to sell, calling bingo, reconciling the cash bag, making a deposit, and getting the Bingo Bag to the next week’s co-chairs. Co-chairs also recruit new personnel, train workers and co-chairs. Petaluma High is actively looking for 1-2 new Co-Chairs. Training is provided.

Bingo Captain

This vital position oversees all of these activities plus coordinates scheduling, facilitates communication between the two schools.

Bingo Treasurer

The Bingo Treasurer serves as the bookkeeper for bingo, for both Petaluma High and Casa Grande. Duties include bill payment, taxes, Profit & Loss statements, and budgeting. The bookkeeping responsibilities can be assigned to a PHS volunteer or are assumed by the Treasurer of the PHS Music Boosters.