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Saturday Night Bingo!

Benefiting the Music Departments of Petaluma and Casa Grande High Schools.
All proceeds support Petaluma and Casa Grande High School music programs. The Bingo fundraiser makes upwards of $60,000 annually, which is divided evenly between the two schools. Working Bingo is a great way for parents to get to know both PHS and Casa music parents.

Doors Open at 5:30pm -Early Bird Games at 6:15pm

333 Casa Grande Road, Petaluma

All you can play for $25.00
Nightly Payouts Over $7,500
Raffle Drawing Nightly

Check out the Bingo Job Descriptions below to get an idea of how you might want to volunteer.  If you would like more information or would like to sign-up for a bingo shift please contact

Bingo Job Descriptions


Team Member:

Each team needs 8-10 members with a calendar commitment of 7 nights for the year. A team must provide a minimum of 5 workers each work night.  Tasks vary based on a worker’s preference such as caller, cashier, floor sales, snack bar, or food service.  Each Saturday night is about a 5-hour shift, from 5pm to approximately 10pm.  These nights can be a social event for parents, as well as a fundraiser for our student’s benefits.  Some teams are close friends and enjoy a friendly sales competition, some enjoy couples night, and others have a potluck dinner in the kitchen.  These games can be as fun for us as it is for the players.


Team Captain:

Every team needs a leader and our captains do a great job of bringing their members to the game.  A captain needs to place reminder phone calls or e-mails on Sunday or Monday to gather a group of 5 for the game night.  Captains can also help manage the game by coordinating sales on the floor and verifying Bingo wins as they occur during the night.



PHS is responsible to provide managers for ½ of the gaming nights.  We have agreed to manage the 3rd and 4th Saturdays during the current fiscal year, with Casa Grande handling the 1st and 2nd Saturdays of each month.  Co-chair teams (of 2) work at least one Saturday per month and run the evenings activities.  Duties include arriving at 4:00pm to direct the students setting up the room for the evening, assigning workers their tasks, deciding what floor games to play, reconciling the cash bag and making a deposit on Monday, and getting the chairman’s bag to the next week’s co-chairs.


Bingo Chairman:

This vital position over sees all of these activities plus coordinates scheduling, recruits new personnel, trains workers and co-chairs, facilitates communication between the two schools, and is the bookkeeper for the game including bill payment and Profit & Loss statements.  The bookkeeping responsibilities can be assigned to another PHS volunteer or assumed by the PHS Treasurer.

Day Time Jobs:

  1. Marketing Team-goal is to increase attendance
  2. Sandwich makers-fresh deli sandwiches for each game
  3. Costco purchasing-snack bar and dinner supplies
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